Meet Monique

Military Wife | Tampa Native | Mom | Realtor | Interior Designer

Monique Reed is an experienced real estate agent and interior designer dedicated to helping families of all types
discover the joys of owning their own home.

A Tampa native, currently residing in the Memphis metropolitan area, Monique is more than qualified to show you the beauty of Tampa and Memphis its surrounding cities as the perfect place to live.

With a background in banking and finance, Monique utilizes her expertise to also help buyers navigate the credit
and finance processes.

Monique is a proud military wife, Tampa native, and business owner, working to help you live out your dreams of
owning a home.

At Haus 1216, we pride ourselves on crafting personalized experiences for our clientele. Our team deeply understands aesthetic sensibilities, effortlessly combining timeless elegance with the latest trends. Every detail in our thoughtfully designed spaces showcases a seamless blend of artistic expression and practicality, creating bespoke interiors.

But our commitment continues beyond exceptional properties and stunning designs. We go the extra mile by providing a comprehensive range of services. We bring your vision to life from the initial consultation to project management and beyond. Whether searching for your dream home or imagining a unique living space, our focus on individualized attention ensures that we surpass your expectations, catering to your desires and aspirations.


Creating Transformative Experiences From Beginning to End